B. Water Asia Launches In Singapore With France TV Euro-Asia Animation Series Co-Pro

Newly established blue-chip Singaporean animation studio B.Water Asia is joining hands with public broadcasting giant France Televisions on CRAYONS – a 52×7 min hybrid 3D-live action animation to be produced and financed out of Asia and Europe in Q1 2020.

B. Water Asia, a fresh joint venture between Europe’s B.Water Animation Studios and Singapore’s 108 Media, will be headquartered in Singapore with satellite offices around Asia and is presenting CRAYONS as the first part of a top-tier slate of children’s programming in fast-track development and pre-production. With different versions for Asia and the West being produced, 108 Media will be handling financing and world sales – outside France – on CRAYONS through its production and sales offices in Singapore, Toronto, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, Ho Chi Minh City, and Kuala Lumpur.

Both animated in high-end 3D and filmed in live-action, the series is presented magically and fantastically where children’s drawings become real when nobody is home. CRAYONS is all about the interior world of children and the series’ unique and playful characters represent children’s limitless imagination in how they discover and interact with very real live-action surroundings. The children’s drawings that come to life have funny and contrasting personalities, creating tons of comedic and tender situations reflecting our 6-year-old main protagonist Stella’s internal journey as a creative and curious child navigating her environment.

The partnership between B.Water Animation Studios – whose programmes have aired on Nickelodeon, Disney, and Turner worldwide – and 108 Media signals a strong and unified push into developing and releasing top-tier animation and children’s programming out of Asia for the global market and to present unique Asian voices to international audiences.

Abhi Rastogi, CEO of 108 Media says of the decision to enter this competitive but rewarding field – “This joint venture with great creators like B.Water is in line with our growth strategy in the region and points to our true north as a company to create, acquire, or refine high-quality IPs and productions from Asia towards the global audience. Singapore has been a good home to 108 Media and we believe it’ll be the ideal location for B.Water Asia as well.”

Dirk Hampel, Founder of B.Water Animation Studios says, “We love animation and we love to bridge the creativity between East and West. Singapore is the right location with the right business culture and creative ideas to co-produce with the world with 108 Media being the best partner for us to bring great new shows with interesting characters and stories to audiences and buyers who have trusted us all these years.” B. Water Asia’s upcoming productions include the ABBIE ROSE & THE MAGIC SUITCASE, which is currently in pre-production and based on the popular book series from Singapore’s best-selling author Neil Humphreys and My Dragon and Me, being developed and conceptualised out of B.Water’s trove of projects. Abbie Rose & the Magic Suitcase will be going into production in Q2 2020.

About 108 Media 

From its offices in Singapore, Toronto, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Ho Chi Minh City, and Kuala Lumpur, 108 Media is redefining and revolutionising the way content is created, curated and distributed. As a fully integrated IP company, we identify, develop, and champion visionary creators and bold new storytelling to satisfy the demand for unique, diverse and compelling experiences. With a global production and licensing team spread across key markets around the world, we specialise in connecting and creating high-quality content from emerging markets, such as Asia, to global audiences across all media platforms.

 About B.Water Animation Studios 

B. Water Studios is an award-winning group of animation studios that produce high-quality content in very efficient ways. They are known for their state-of-the-art real-time pipeline with Unity for premium and unique television series for a worldwide market. They develop content together with international broadcasters and platforms, and also service production for clients in North America. B. Water Studios is driving innovation within the animation world and have assembled together great creatives, like Oscar-nominated directors and other award-winning creators and writers.



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