Toy company Playmonster teams up with entertainment company Wind Sun Sky to launch a new animated series

Global toy company Playmonster has teamed up with entertainment company, Wind Sun Sky to launch a new animated series to bring to life its new Snap Ships brand. The series is available for streaming on YouTube.

Season one, Snap Ships: Dawn of Battle takes viewers to a future where the world is under constant attack from a brutal alien threat and the fate of humanity rests with the heroes of the Snap Ships fleet, called The Forge.

The animated series is PlayMonster’s first venture into franchise-driven content production. Wind Sun Sky, with their vast experience in creative work on comics, interactive gaming, online programming, and film and TV such as The Walking Dead, Camp Bonkers, Super Dinosaurs, My Singing Monsters and Summoners War impressed PlayMonster and led them to reach out about a potential partnership.

“We were excited about the Snap Ships brand when it was a building system with a few items and some big ideas. Now, after working with Wind Sun Sky and seeing those ideas come to life and grow into thrilling content and story, we’re more excited than we ever have been about a new product line,” said PlayMonster VP sales and marketing Scott Flynn. “Wind Sun Sky is a valuable partner with impressive abilities, and who is easy and fun to work with — it’s a big win for PlayMonster.”

The series brings its new Build to Battle action play toy line to life with animation, battle scenes, and development of the characters and storyline, attempting to create a greater appeal among the audience. The pilots and villains of Snap Ships have faces, personalities and backstories that the fans can watch unfold.

Wind Sun Sky CEO and executive producer Catherine Winder said, “We knew right away that we wanted to be a part of Snap Ships because of its all-around potential. We’re excited to partner with PlayMonster, one of the fastest-growing toy companies in the industry, to bring the Snap Ships story to life through multi-platform storytelling.”

Snap Ships has an array of space crafts for kids to build, battle and display, merging two popular play patterns — action-play and construction. Snap Ships is already creating a buzz as it hits the shelves.


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