Novel Entertainment’s ‘Horrid Henry’ special to debut on Netflix

Netflix will premiere Novel Entertainment’s first animated feature-length Horrid Henry special in the UK on 6 June.

Featuring the voices of UK presenters Dick and Dom, it reprises the starring roles they played in the live-action Horrid Henry: The Movie. The official synopsis follows – Horrid Henry’s Wild Weekend is the story of what happens one quiet weekend in Ashton; when Henry is unexpectedly chosen to join the Ashton Adventurers to compete for the Brainbox of the Year Cup, Mum and Dad try to slip away for a night without the kids and Great Aunt Greta has a teenager to stay, chaos inevitably ensues.

It’s also the story of how Henry learns to work as a team, battling alongside Moody Margaret, Beefy Bert and Anxious Andrew against his nemesis, Stuck Up Steve, and the Brick House Boys. It’s the story of the secret life of a cat (and a hamster) as we discover what Fluffy and Fang get up to when they are left to their own devices in the Henry household. It’s also a story of bravery and heroism, of greed and sacrifice, of failure and ambition. But above all, it’s the story of the love of a perfect little brother for his Horrid big brother.

Novel Entertainment co-founder Mike Watts said, “Horrid Henry continues to be hugely popular on Netflix in the UK and we are thrilled to have a feature-length animated commission.”

This will be the first time Henry and his friends will be online on Facebook and Instagram for a very special viewing party, which is also designed to raise awareness of the company’s campaign to address the UK’s digital deficit.

Horrid Henry’s Wild Weekend is written and produced by Novel’s Lucinda Whiteley and executive produced by Watts, along with Hilary Audus and Gary Andrews as animation directors. It features the same voice cast as the award-winning TV series, with guest voices Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood (Dick and Dom).

In addition to this new animated special, Novel Entertainment has a raft of newly created content output, produced under the banner of Horrid Henry Unlocked and designed to offer a familiar environment for fans to discover how the Horrid Henry family is responding to the current crisis. As well as the recently launched Horrid Henry podcast, new material includes daily Horrid Homework in the form of activities which are available via the Horrid Henry website; projects, challenges, puzzles, and bespoke videos including newly created songs, short videos and behind the scenes content and interviews.

Novel’s four-time BAFTA-nominated Horrid Henry is one of the biggest children’s animated shows ever in the UK. The fifth season is currently on air in the UK and Novel is in production on new longer form content. The brand includes film, stage, radio and online extensions, as well as being at the heart of a successful licensing and merchandising programme.

The fifth season of Horrid Henry is currently airing on Netflix in the UK and also on Nickelodeon UK & Ireland.


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