Kinsane Entertainment announces acquisition rights for Jason Henderson’s ‘Young Captain Nemo’

Kinsane Entertainment, owned by Rainshine Entertainment announced the acquisition of the book adaptation rights for Jason Henderson’s Young Captain Nemo. Kinsane will develop the literary franchise as an animated series, as mobile games, consumer products, and more for worldwide release.

Debuting to critical and commercial acclaim in 2019, the Nemo trilogy are publications of Macmillan’s Feiwel & Friends imprint. Young Captain Nemo tracks the tale of 12-year-old submariner wunderkind Gabriel Nemo. Gabriel is a present-day descendant of iconic antihero Captain Nemo (a.k.a. Hindu Prince Dakkar) — helmer of the submersible Nautilus — from French novelist Jules Verne’s classics 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island. Equipped with his wits, his tricked-out Nemotech vessel, and paired with his two best mates, Gabriel endeavours to make the ocean a safer place. Besides nature’s wrath, Gabriel faces conflict in the form of his ecological extremist older sister. Unlike her, Gabriel aspires to use his legacy for aboveboard causes, as opposed to random vigilante justice.

Creative development on Nemo for multiple platforms will be led by Kinsane Entertainment co-founder Saahil Bhargava with Kurt Inderbtizin and Indrani Pillai.

Since its inception, Kinsane has launched two popular universes: Kintoons and ROKU. The company plans to launch additional animated series, such as Eru and the Ghost Kingdom and Bookended, along with a plethora of delightful and cutting-edge games built around each of these ecosystems.


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