Disney India buys a new soccer-themed series ‘Supa Strikas’

Moonbug, children’s content producer and distributor has sold its soccer-themed animated series Supa Strikas to Disney India. Supa Strikas is a beloved South African digital and linear sports brand that follows the leading football team as they journey across the globe and to outer space on a quest to win the prized Super League trophy.

The series originally launched as a comic book before expanding into an animated show. It was published by South African publisher Strika Entertainment. Since launching in 2009, the series has aired in more than 100 countries worldwide on networks including DisneyXD (UK and Africa), Cartoon Network (Africa), Mediacorp Suria (Singapore), SIC K (Portugal) and Zoom (Israel).

Its latest deal is not the first TV distribution for Supa Strikas in India as Nickelodeon’s Sonic channel previously aired the series in the region. However, Supa Strikas has been a top-performer for Disney Southeast Asia, according to Moonbug.

Moonbug recently acquired South Korean animated slapstick comedy series ARPO and is working on a new season of 26 x three-and-a-half minute episodes. The series for three- to-six-year-olds has generated nearly 2.5 million subscribers on its YouTube channel to date.


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