Dutch Features acquires two new thriller series

Dutch Features, a Netherlands- based distribution company has acquired two new local thriller series, ‘Rogue Justice’ and ‘The Columnist’ in its run at Mipcom 2019.

“Rogue Justice,” produced by leading Dutch company Pupkin Film, is mainly set on the tropical island of Bonaire and revolves around two elite cops Willem (Dennis van de Ven) and Theo (Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, “Riphagen – The Intouchable”) who go rogue as they follow a trail of a stolen work of art.

The three-part miniseries, which will also be available as a feature-length film, is currently in production for the Dutch public broadcaster NPO 3. “Rogue Justice” is expected to be delivered early 2020.

“The Columnist,” meanwhile, is a revenge thriller starring Katja Herbers (“West World”) as a columnist who continuously has to deal with threats and negative comments on her social media pages. One day, she has had enough and decides to hunt down on her trolls. Currently in post, “The Columnist” is produced by NL Film and created by writer Daan Windhorst and director Ivo van Aart.

Dutch Features has also picked up international rights to the second season of the crime series “Mocro Maffia” which will be released in April.

“Mocro Maffia”(pictured) follows a group of criminals in their battle to control the cocaine trade in Amsterdam. The second season takes the story to Spain and follows the main characters Romano (Mandela Wee Wee) and Pencil (Nasrdin Dchar) who are on the run after a prison break. The series is based on the bestselling book of the same name by journalists Wouter Laumans and Marijn Schrijver, and is inspired by current events in The Netherlands.

The first season was the most viewed series on RTL’s VOD platform Videoland and won the Dutch Hashtag Award for best video on demand. Dutch Features has already sold to over 20 territories.


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