DHIMANT VYAS Star of Animation World

Animation Industry is the industry which is very popular. There are many Cartoon Serials and movies that are upcoming now –a-days. There are many movies and serials which are very popular. People off all ages are very eager and crazy to see something new happening in the field of animation films and cartoon shows. There are many artists and film designers around us who are very talented and have achieved success in this industry. There is always a best and one of the great Animation Star that we have on this Earth, who is known as An Artist and an Animation Film Designer , Dhimant Vyas who was born on 2nd October , 1965. Dhimant Vyas is known as a veteran Artist and as well as a film designer, he has worked as a creative director at Zynga Games India. He has worked on famous Shaun the sheep series two, creature Comforts USA with Multi Academy Award winning Animation Studio- Aardman animation Ltd U.K. He is also an alumni of the National Institute Design (NID), an versatile artist working with different forms of art like Painting ,Animation, Sculpture, Photography, Design, etc . He has a vast experience in creating animation using various techniques like stop motion, 2D Classical, Cut out, Material, Sand, Pixilation and Flash.

He is also known as a very talented artist all over the world. He completed his education from Ahmadabad, Gujarat in 1995. He studied D i p l o m a i n C o m m u n i c a t i o n d e s i g n –Animation Film Design national Institute of Design and Diploma in Applied Arts from Kala Kendra College of Fine Arts, Vallab Vidyanagar Gujarat in 1987. Dhimant Vyas was awarded th by Gold Medal in the 55 international Photographic Salon of Japan in 1995-96 this was the first gold medal which he was awarded in his carrier. The greatest achievement in his carrier was when he was awarded for Character Animation award from th 4 Global Youth Marketing Forum 2012.

The paintings of him are filled with full of the rich colors, flavors and details of each story. He also hears literature, reads, and listen’s to music; sounds that fill his each day and daily experiences. His paintings are a collaboration of visual forms. Although sometimes they connect and make a cline of meaning or sometimes just as a personal experience.

In the series of painting, “Natura” is the one in which he has worked in a new style synthesized from a fusion of folk art and imaginative world art. The basic of this painting is Mother Nature and her many fascinating representations in Indian folk art. She anchors this series, probably representing his deep concern about her erosion in our race for urbanization and a sense of urgency to get reconnected with her. He has even overlaid this with the Yantra motif. To him these Yantras are the bridges that connect the earth with a subliminal fantasy world. They lend both solidity with their details and other worldliness to his work. Through this entire layered lens, he has viewed characters, culture, emotions and instances. Sometimes they are even poignant, funny and trippy.


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