SIGGRAPH Asia 2019, a regional platform for computer graphics, creative arts, animation and visual effects, is going to be held from 17th November to 20th November 2019 at Brisbane, Australia and everyone, from the exhibitors to the participants and also the speakers are excited to be a part of this exhilarating and inspiring conference where new ideas and innovations are swarming from everywhere.

One of the most exciting events is the Courses programme. At this event, hundreds of visitors will attend courses to broaden and deepen their knowledge and to learn the secrets of new directions. The Crossover can also be offered via the presenters being from different backgrounds e.g., computer science, art, animation, medicine, science and others, with each giving their unique perspective on the topic.

Topics could include graphics and interactive techniques with innovative ideas, novel creations, and imaginations; different areas of computer science, e.g., big data, mobile computing, vision, and others; other disciplines that span across art, design , science , technology , engineering (STEAM); other art forms, e.g., Anime, Manga, Stop motion and others; different application areas, e.g., manufacturing, finance, medicine, social awareness and others.

“This year the Courses programme is very exciting. We have 6 high-quality submissions, covering a wide range of topics, including fundamentals such as modelling, animation and rendering to cutting the edge topics like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning of computer graphics”, says Sai-Kit Yueng, Courses Chair, SIGGRAPH Asia 2019. “The courses are multidisciplinary and good for people from different expertise. Whether you are an artist, architect, designers, educators, game or movie maker, you will definitely find the courses that are suitable for you”, he added.


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