Nintendo launches a new game ‘Miitopia’ and Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo has launched the Miitopia game and the new blue Nintendo Switch Lite system and are both available separately.

In Miitopia, a player will journey through a vast world battling enemies on a mission to rescue faces stolen by the villainous Dark Lord. Miitopia lets you customise the quest by creating Mii characters of the friends and family, or anyone the player chooses to. A player can then cast them in a hilarious series of escapades! Watch how grandma do pushups, watch the neighbourhood friend hang out with cousin at the beach, older brother can even come to life as the Dark Lord, if the player feeling mischievous!

The player will have even more customisation choices while creating Mii characters in Miitopia with the addition of wigs and makeup. In this whimsical adventure, a player can assign their Mii characters personalities, along with jobs like Warrior, Chef and Pop Star which will determine their approach to combat. A player will be able to gain experience and level up characters throughout their expeditions and enjoy a smorgasbord of food to boost stats. This’ll keep in fighting shape for all their battles against wacky foes like the gyrating Twerkey!

Miitopia is now available at a suggested retail price of $49.99. A free demo is also available in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch and on Save data from the demo carries over to the full version of the game, once purchased, it can seamlessly continue the quest against the villainous, face-stealing Dark Lord.

And just in time for Miitopia, the new blue Nintendo Switch Lite system also launched. By adding to the range of colour options available for the system, which already includes coral, yellow, grey and turquoise, the blue Nintendo Switch Lite system gives more choices so one can express their personal gaming style wherever players choose to play.

As a dedicated handheld gaming device, Nintendo Switch Lite makes it easy to play Miitopia, and the wide library of Nintendo Switch games that support handheld mode, anytime and anywhere players would like. The blue Nintendo Switch Lite system is now available for purchase at a suggested retail price of $199.99.


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