PikPok announces PC version of ‘Agent Intercept’ game to release this June

PikPok has announced that the PC version of the successful Apple Arcade game, Agent Intercept, is available to wishlist worldwide on Steam and will be available on 17 June 2021 for $20. The release of Agent Intercept on Steam joins PikPok’s growing portfolio of original premium PC games which includes Rival Stars Horse Racing, Breakneck, and Shatter.


In Agent Intercept, players leap into the driver’s seat of an epic narrative of intrigue, betrayal, and outrageous set-pieces. The mission is to stop the nefarious criminal organisation CLAW and save the world from total destruction.

To thwart this imminent annihilation, players must take control of the Sceptre: a slick, souped-up, transforming vehicle outfitted with the latest spy gadgets.


Agent Intercept was among the select group of games available at the launch of the Apple Arcade platform in 2019 and remains a steady favourite on that platform.

The Steam release of Agent Intercept includes the near two years’ worth of additional development including a full narrative campaign, Side Missions, and Score Attack game modes, with new vehicle transformations enabling the player to drive, drift, and defy death across the land, air, and sea to fulfil their superspy fantasies.

Brimming with spy-genre nostalgia, this fully-loaded edition of Agent Intercept includes full voice acting, an expanded original soundtrack, and stunning graphics optimized for PC.


“We are excited to bring to Steam our unique take on classic driving games. When you combine a classic spy narrative with high-tech racing adrenaline you have the opportunity to really push boundaries and offer players something they may not have seen before. From the infiltration of evil island lairs to elaborate doomsday devices, we’ve built off the action movies and games we love and turbocharged them to never-before-seen extremes,” said PikPok CEO Mario Wynands.


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