Paris based ZED announces to create a docu-series on the Notre Dame construction

Two years after the devastating fire that nearly destroyed it, consolidation of the world-famous Notre Dame cathedral is finally coming to an end. On this occasion, Paris-based indie factual production company and distributor, ZED is launching a three-part series on the huge challenge modern-day builders now facing: How to reconstruct an 850-year old monument when no one really knows how it was built? 

With unprecedented and long-term access, this series closely follows an army of experts and architects at the heart of the worksite and out of public view. It shows them uncovering the secrets of its structure to bring one of the world’s most treasured architectural icons back to its glory.

Combining live footage with stunning CGI and a wealth of rare historical archives, RAISING NOTRE DAME begins where previous films left off. It offers a unique immersion of astonishing beauty in the largest restoration project of the century.

Produced for ARTE France by award-winning Christine Le Goff (Decoding the Great Cathedrals, and the acclaimed Sacred Spaces) and Marion Papillon, the series is directed by Vincent Amouroux (Living Universe). To carry out this one-of-a-kind project, ZED is working hand in hand with CNRS Images, INRAP, the Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine, and the Public Body in charge of the Conservation and Restoration of Notre-Dame cathedral.

Speaking on the launch, Le Goff commented, “This series is not just about science or a unique architecture. It is about an extraordinary human effort. It is about emotion, resilience, courage and faith in the future. This documentary series combines all these elements in powerful storytelling, served by visuals never done and never seen before. And we have front row seats.”

Scheduled for completion in Spring 2022, this 3 x 52’ 4K series is now available for presales.


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