SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 is heading to Brisbane Australia this year with a lot of exciting and innovative events. One such event is the Computer Animation Festival.

The SIGGRAPH Asia 2019 Computer Animation Festival is Asia’s premier computer animation festival which showcases a world-wide collection of the year’s best works. For four exciting days, presenters showcase their most innovative exploration and transition in computer-generated animation and visual effects. From students’ works to professional pieces, the event provides you with evolving visual technology and artistic stimulations.

The Computer Animation Festival consists of two main components:

Screenings – It includes Electronic Theater, Animation Theater as well as Invited Screenings where the full breadth of this year’s work in computer animation can be enjoyed at length.

Panels & Talks – It includes presentations by experts on a variety of topics related to the creation of computer animation and visual effects, as well as behind-the-scenes presentations by creators from the studios and schools, whose works are screened at the festival. This year the panel talks will be given by Elliot Newman (VFX Supervisor, MPC) on Lion King.

Pol Jeremias- Vila, Chair, Computer Animation Festival said” (the audience) will be able to see different films coming from many areas of the world. We’ve got a ton of submissions and we hope to put together a programme that represents all the aspects of Computer Graphics”.

“At CAF, you can expect a lot of diversity and a lot of variety in terms of the medium and I am sure it will be a unique combination of amazing of 2D, 3D and whatnot”, adds Siva Kumar Kasetty, Producer, Computer Animation Festival.

SIGGRAPH ASIA 2019 will be held at Brisbane, Australia from 17th to 20th November 2019.


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