A Chat with “Aakaar Jain” Filmmaker And Illustrator Comic Artist

Welcome to animation today, tell us a brief introduction of yours ?

Hello, After animation course and Diploma in fine art in painting, I have pursued a varied career in Films, Animation, Comics and Books using my art to develop characters, concepts, production design, storyboards, comics, animation etc.

Great! So let us know how you got inspired to this world of sketch & illustration?

It is due to my father. I become inspired by watching him working on his canvas and developing ideas. His achievements as an artists in the field of painting, theatre and radio artist inspired me to follow his footstep.

So finally what make a good sketch Artist?

The very first thing is that you adore art, if you love it than your love will motivate you to create it … and with dedication and practice one become can consistently improve his work. Along with it reading literature, acting, observing normal day to day life also helps in improving visualization.

“I am also working with my father’s theatre company in U.P.”

Tell us about your works ?

Well I don’t have such studio I work from home and I am freelancers however I am associated with Baboon design studio, Fenil comics and Badam production.

As a freelance artist you need more discipline, more activity and need more action oriented approach to get the work and then completing it on time. A life as a freelance can be amazing if you know how to break your own boundaries. You need to have a strict timetable for creative work, promotional activity and building relationships with the agencies and people who can help you in getting the work.

What next can we look forward to your studio?

“Vidaal” is our most ambitious project. I remember the day when Abhishek (filmmaker and writer ) and I discuss a very good concept . Abhishek Bhardwaj have really come up with a very nice story it took him a year to research the subject and write two episodes, now the challenge ahead is to present it nicely with graphic art. I have already designed few major characters from the story and still in process to illustrate the graphic novel storyboard. Once we are ready with the illustrated story board we will pitch it everywhere. We are aiming to attract few international players as well .
After every few hundreds of year… Bhairv ( The Supreme Aghori ) chooses someone special to become Vidaal to concur the evil. Vidaal is going to be a graphic novel full of mystery and suspense we put a lot of time on research on left hand of Lord Shiva which is also known as Tantra . Vidaal will be the first super-hero who balances the world by defeating demonic powers. But being a Vidaal is not easy because the biggest fear when you fight with evil is that you may become the one. (This is also our tagline ).

And you have worked for an Hollywood film!!!

I have not worked with any Hollywood film but if some opportunity strikes I will surely look forward to it

Now tell us about your short film & production house ?

Well there is a upcoming short film “Devi” working as a associate and art director, Produced by Badams Productions. This is story of a girl who’s been considered a Devi in the village. Film revolves around her. We are also quite busy with producing Infomercials and television commercials and big comics book project with Fenil sherdiwala (CEO Fenil comics) working as a concept artist and illustrator.

now what is your professional role today and how you look forward to be known in this industry?

My professional role today is as Animation film designer, maker and graphic novelist, I love to visualize and create concepts for fiction and nonfiction material. I am also associated with film making in both live and animation medium. but in future working as a producer and make lots of fiction and fantasy, Near-future settings work well for science fiction, horror ,super hero television; series like Mr. Mukesh khanna (Film Actor, producer –Bheeshma international), he’s my ideal as a perfect super hero and professional man.

Any advice for readers who wish to make it big in this industry?

I have achieved four time national level award for art from Indian government , I have been featured in leading news channels and news papers on the front page reflecting on my positive influence on young artist I have received letters from the senior artists and painters ,saying that I have done a very good thing in choosing the field of art and keeping up to it, But it’s unbelievable that I could win four national level award , my real achievement will be when our upcoming project “ VIDAAL” gets published.

Most of your works are based on superhero fantasies and science fiction. Can you elaborate us on that?

Most of your works are based on superhero fantasies and science fiction. Can you elaborate us on that?
As far as my work is concerned it is incidental that most of it is found in the Fantasy / science fiction genres and I am not averse to working in other ones. The only thing that matters is good concept and idea.


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