EWar Games announces a virtual Poker tournament ‘Play The Champions’

EWar Games has announced its upcoming virtual poker tournament named ‘Play the Champions’ with the tagline ‘Beat the Champions, Become a Poker Hero’ – this will allow players a chance to play and win against two renowned poker champions of India — Muskan Sethi and Gaurav Sood. The tournament is scheduled to be held from 6 PM onwards on 6 April 2021, will be live-streamed by noted professional poker player Aniruddha Joshi.

In terms of rewards, the tournament will have a total prize pool value of around Rs 1 lakh, which shall include 50K GTD (Guaranteed Cash Prize Money) and upto 50K worth tickets (to other premium poker tournaments). Apart from cash prizes, the top-performing players who can qualify for the final tables will also be rewarded with tournament tickets to several upcoming poker tournaments like BSS AfterParty (2 lakhs GTD), BSS Afternoon (2 lakhs GTD) and The Big Show (7.5 lakhs GTD). Furthermore, if any participant can knock out at least one of the two ‘Poker Heroes’ (either Muskan or Gaurav) during the tournament, he/she will be given a special prize viz. a free ticket to BSS Superstack tournament having 20 lakhs GTD.

Speaking about the tournament, EWar Games founder and CEO, Parth Chadha says, “In the last few years, the real-money-based poker gaming scene in India has witnessed exponential growth. Given the growing popularity of online poker in the country, we at EWar have been conducting many small poker tournaments on our platform. However, ‘Play the Champions’ is going to be our first big poker tournament that will be live-streamed exclusively for EWar users. We are delighted to partner with Muskan and Gaurav – the leading poker players of our country – for this tournament. We look forward to seeing what the emerging and/or less-known poker players of the country bring to the table, and how they play their moves to overpower the star players in the mind-centric poker competition.”

Since the introduction of poker on its gaming platform in January 2021, EWar Games has seen the game growing and increasing in popularity amongst its user base. Currently, over 6000 cash game hands of poker are being played daily on EWar. While leveraging the upward growth trajectory of the online poker industry in India (which is growing at 35-40per cent year-on-year) and the burgeoning pool of active poker players and the poker gaming community, EWar aims to provide a seamless and fair-gaming experience for all those who’re interested in real-money poker.

Registrations for EWar’s upcoming ‘Play the Champions’ poker tournament are currently underway. To register for the tournament, one needs to visit the EWar platform and then click on the ‘Tournaments’ section under the ‘Poker’ category. The primary entry fee (buy-in amount) for the tournament is Rs100. However, a registered participant can also re-buy a ticket (of Rs100) to re-enter the tournament, once his/her chip expires while playing, and he/she will also allow a late entry/ log-in limit of 90 minutes after the tournament streaming starts.


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