Esports platform announces a women-only tournament ‘Diva Scrim Wars’, the AI-powered esports tournament platform, has announced a unique women-only tournament, Diva Scrim Wars to assist and support emerging female players in India’s gaming and esports space. Diva Scrim Wars is one of the eight unique community-based tournaments by which was developed with the understanding of the growing female gaming community and strong player base in India. Diva Scrim Wars (Free Fire) was created with the sole purpose of engaging and empowering the growing female gaming community in India by hosting a weekly set of tournaments with prizes ranging from Rs 2,000 to 20,000 every week. The matches will be broadcast live on popular female YouTube channels such as TenQueenGaming, SreesLive, DollyindGaming, BlackQueenArmy and many more, to further activate and promote female content creators in creating awareness for the tournament.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO Rosen Sharma says, “Indian mobile esports segment is already set for a massive expansion with the rising popularity of mobile esports. We are witnessing increased traction from female casual gamers especially for games such as Free Fire. The tournament allows for improvement in several areas within the gaming ecosystem. Aside from encouraging more female participation in gaming and esports events, it also aims to offer financial support through weekly prizes while allowing opportunities to both male and female shoutcasters. In its 13th season of the tournament, we are well-positioned to cater to a larger user base willing to participate from the country.”

Registration for each season takes place a week before the tournament via CriticalX Discord Server directly on the platform, information can be found on CriticalX Social Handles and Discord. The tournament is conducted entirely on the platform with its custom / AI tournament operational features.

Commenting on the initiative, gamer Nadira “Sherni” Neysa said, “The Divas scrim war was a unique experience for me as there was no other tournament or event happening in Free Fire made specifically for female gamers. It’s been a great event. I’m looking forward to many more events from and am already excited to show my talent there.”

All matches are live-streamed on YouTube currently and will eventually have multi-platform streaming. There are a total of nine events scheduled. The season started on 16 November 2020, with matches from 21 November 2020.


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