Gitanjali Rao’s debut directed ‘Bombay Rose’ to release on Netflix this December

Gitanjali Rao’s award-winning feature directorial debut Bombay Rose is officially coming to Netflix on December 4. The animated romance which dances between life’s reality and the Bollywood screen has already won over audiences and critics at film festivals around the world, screening at Venice Critics’ Week, TIFF, Gijon, Chicago (winning the Silver Hugo in the New Directors Competition) and Mumbai Film Festival (Silver Gateway of India).

Synopsis: Escaping from child marriage, a young club dancer living in the streets of Bombay, must choose between fending for her family and finding love with a boy orphaned by the militancy. Painted frame by frame and woven delicately through music, a red rose brings together three tales of impossible loves. Love between a Hindu girl and a Muslim boy. Love between two women. Love of an entire city for its Bollywood stars. Based on true events, the film explores the ruthlessness of a society where the love and life that reigns on the big screen can crush you in its mean streets.

Rao wrote and directed the picture, which features the voices of Cyli Khare, Amit Deondi, Gargi Shitole and Makrand Deshpande. Producers are Soumitra Ranade, Rohit Khattar and Anand Mahindra; exec producers are Deborah Sathe and Tessa Inkelaar Animation; co-producers are Charlotte Uzu and Serge Lalou.


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