NHK (Japanese Broadcasting Corporation), Japan’s sole public broadcaster will be showcasing a series of premieres and talks on Ultra HD 8K screenings at MIPCOM 2019 as a part of the showcase “Live the Story: NHK 8K”.

For the first time, MIPCOM will be hosting the NHK 8K Theatre, complete with a 248-inch 8K screen and a 22.2 multichannel sound system to stage the ultra-HD showcase. The screenings will feature the international premiere of a dramatization of Nobel Laureate Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel “An Artist of the Floating World” in 8K HDR (high dynamic range), a medium ideally suited to bringing the nuances of the artist’s world into sharp focus. Japanese actor Ken Watanabe will be on hand to share his experience of playing the lead role.

Another highlight will be NHK’s 8K Talks sessions involving international producers who have partnered with NHK. These sessions will highlight the transformation of 8K production, which until recently has been seen as requiring huge commitments of equipment and money.

Yukinori Kida, NHK’s Executive Director of Broadcasting, said: “8K has mostly gained attention for the exceptional quality of its images and sound. By working with international creators, I have come to believe that 8K HDR is a tool for enhancing viewers’ sensory and emotional perception. It offers a new way of storytelling — one that creates the ultimate immersive viewing experience.”

One of the main features of 8K is ultrahigh-definition video. Regular 4K/8K broadcasting supports high dynamic range (HDR), which yields greater contrasts between light and dark leading to richer image presentation and finer video gradations. A 22.2 multichannel sound system is incorporated.

The world’s entertainment content market, MIPCOM will be taking place in Cannes, France, from 14th to 17th October 2019.

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