Disney announces ‘Mulan’ off the charts for this year’s release

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to sow uncertainty for cinema companies and film distributors, Disney has shuffled some major titles on its theatrical timeline — taking the live-action reimagining of animated classic Mulan directed by Niki Caro off its planned August 21 slot with no word of when or where it might hit screens.

“Over the last few months, it’s become clear that nothing can be set in stone when it comes to how we release films during this global health crisis, and today that means pausing our release plans for Mulan as we assess how we can most effectively bring this film to audiences around the world,” a Disney spokesperson said.

The studio has also pushed back its planned Avatar sequels and Star Wars instalments — meaning Avatar 2 is now scheduled to arrive 13 years after James Cameron’s original technologically groundbreaking blockbuster.

Some titles are reportedly staying on the 2020 schedule, including the oft-rescheduled New Mutants (20th Century Studios), Black Widow (Marvel Studios), graphic novel adaptation The Empty Man (20th Century) and Pixar Animation original Soul.


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