Rooster Teeth’s animated movie ‘Recorded by Arizal’ to premiere on July 13

The latest 2D animated production from Rooster Teeth, Recorded by Arizal will premiere July 13. The series follows Arizal, an inquisitive 17-year-old could-be heroine on the brink of adulthood and in pursuit of her dream career — to become a Record Keeper. Is Arizal ready to leave her secluded city-state of Maktaba to create “records” of the outside world? Over a series of personal vlogs, Arizal ponders the adventure she’s convinced she’s ready to go on, probably!

The voice cast is led by Christine Marie Cabanos as Arizal, Christina Stuckart as Lia, and Monica Rial as Tita Cherry.

Recorded by Arizal is a prelude to a story from Rooster Teeth Animation creator Yssa Badiola. This four-part prelude will be released weekly on Rooster Teeth beginning on July 13, with new instalments premiering exclusively for Rooster Teeth’s FIRST members before moving to free-to-watch platforms a week later.

Series creator Badiola graduated from California College of the Arts and began her animation career at Bento Box Entertainment. When she’s not directing animated series, Badiola appears on-camera in several Rooster Teeth productions and co-hosts the animation podcast I Have Notes.


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