Synamedia joins hands with Google Cloud for its expansion of video networking

Synamedia, one of the world’s largest independent video software providers, has joined hands with Google Cloud to expand its video network portfolio with new over-the-top (OTT) offerings ‘as a service’.

With this partnership, Synamedia will be able to further address customer needs for high availability, increased scalability and maximised performance for OTT services while simultaneously reducing operational costs and complexity, particularly with live sports events. The tech innovators have come together to maximise OTT service uptime and achieve broadcast quality latency.

To leave a mark in the new video landscape, service providers require similar viewing experiences between live broadcast and OTT streams at scale. One primary challenge for OTT services is latency, often airing delays up to a minute behind traditional broadcast TV, commonly referred to as the “goal effect.”

This collaboration will enable both OTT streaming services and traditional broadcasters benefiting from Google Cloud’s best-in-class low latency network and Synamedia’s best-in-class low latency solution for live linear video delivery. Synamedia achieves this from content ingestion to OTT device delivery in five to seven seconds – equivalent to broadcast capabilities.

Speaking about the partnership, Synamedia senior VP and video network general manager Julien Signes mentioned, “As the live TV landscape shifts toward OTT delivery, the industry needs technology that matches what viewers have become accustomed to with premium digital TV services. Thanks to our partnership with Google Cloud, we are enabling the Infinite Entertainment viewers expect, without delay and with the highest quality.”

Synamedia will leverage Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), an enterprise-grade platform for containerised applications, to enable customers to scale as they grow with an end-to-end automation pipeline that can ramp up media processing workflows in minutes and recover from disasters more quickly than ever before. This video network “as-a-service” offers unifies previously siloed workflows on one platform, making operations more seamless and deployment faster.

This partnership will also bring together artificial intelligence and machine learning innovation from both companies to enable customers to create powerful content and better media experiences. Intelligent pattern matching techniques allow deep content awareness in media workflows, providing premium experiences such as live sports with minimal bandwidth requirements.

A recent report has disclosed a 58 per cent year-over-year increase in streaming video consumption in 2019. As more viewers look to OTT services for video content, OTT service providers can reach enhanced video network stability and maximised channel uptime with Synamedia’s proven high availability deployment options on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Google Cloud media & entertainment industry solutions managing director Anil Jain added further, “We’re excited to partner with Synamedia to help advance the future of streaming video and entertainment. By delivering Synamedia’s portfolio of OTT solutions, running as a service on Google Cloud, we can deliver high-uptime, low-latency, and scalable video services to businesses around the world.”

Synamedia’s video network portfolio includes award-winning services and solutions that enable secure distribution, processing and delivery of media.

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