Amazon launches ‘1001 Nights’ on its OTT Platform

Big Bad Boo’s original series 1001 Nights has launched on Amazon Prime Video — giving fans of Shahrzad and the gang the chance to binge on tales of genies, mermaids, sultans and other wonderous characters at any time. Viewers with a Prime subscription can now watch both seasons on-demand without ads.

“We are so excited that audiences will be able to watch 1001 Nights on Amazon Prime,” said series creator, Shabnam Rezaei. “1001 Nights has always enjoyed a diverse and passionate fan base, and we look forward to new viewers falling in love with our show.”

The series was also recently acquired by the Latin American streaming service, Global Toons.

Based on the famous tales, 1001 Nights targets viewers between the ages of 6 to 9 and family audiences. The show continues to broadcast around the world, having won awards including the Kids First Choice Award, five Leos and a Platinum Pixie Award. In 2018, the series’ Life Skills and Civic Education Program won the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Award for its innovative solution to education challenges and their positive social impact.


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