Gaming company Square Enix reduces the price of its ‘Final Fantasy’ games series

Square Enix has revealed that all of the main Final Fantasy games available on the Switch are on sale for 40 to 50 per cent off, and titles from Square Enix’s other RPG series like Romancing Saga and Star Ocean have been discounted as well as an impact of COVID-19 expressed Square Enix Americas and Europe CEO Phil Rogers.

Rogers said Square Enix has been following the health and safety guidelines that local governments have put forward recently. In February, Square Enix stopped allowing domestic and international business travel for its employees, in addition to limiting the number of people who visit its offices.

“At the same time, we began working across the Square Enix organization in Asia, Europe and the Americas to prepare for employees to work from home. Our IT teams increased our remote working systems, including the deployment of VPN and technology upgrades that enable remote working for our studio, development and business operations. We have now implemented work-from-home policies across all locations and in cases where remote working isn’t possible, we have reduced office density and introduced staggered work times, especially to avoid peak consumer rush hours,” said the official blog.

Gamers may want to revisit Final Fantasy VII in particular — down from $15.99 to $7.99 — since the game’s highly anticipated remake scheduled to be out on 10 April. However, he noted that deliveries of the game’s physical copies may be delayed due to disruptions to the supply chain and the closure of some physical stores.

“While we don’t know how long these measures will remain in effect, we want to reassure gamers that we will do everything in our power to keep you entertained and connected with your friends across the globe as we work through these challenging times together”, said he.


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