Dublin based distributor Monster Entertainment to launch a new slate of shows at Kidscreen Miami

Dublin based distributor, Monster Entertainment will launch a slate of new programming at Kidscreen in Miami next month. Koyaa and The Annoying Objects, 13 x 3.5 mins for four to eight-year-olds, is a fantastic, energetic stop motion animation series from Slovenia and was commissioned by RTV Slovenia. Koyaa lives on a rocky ledge high above the clouds in a mountain cottage with his best friend Mr Raven. Their days are bursting with action and wacky adventure! Ordinary objects keep coming to life around Koyaa, causing all kinds of trouble. Koyaa has been licensed to Noorplay for VOD.

Tommy & Robbie, a 52 x 4 mins for ages three to seven years, is commissioned by Nickelodeon Latin America. It revolves around two crazy cuddly creatures with extremely opposite personalities living and doing everything together and features an unlikely friendship of one lazy and one very active and eager friend, creating some hilarious scenes.

New programming, screened for the first time will also feature:

Urban Tails, 52 x 2 mins, for four to six-year-olds has been sold to Azoomee and HMH’s Curious World. Produced by Ireland’s Pink Kong, in each episode, a different urban animal introduces itself in a hip-hop video. The series was commissioned by RTE and financed by Screen Ireland and S. 481, the Irish tax incentive.

Cocoland, a 26 x 5 mins series, for three to six-year-olds, has been sold to HMH’s Curious World and Kidoodle. Coming from Costa Rica’s Rocket Cartoons, the series is set in a beautiful town in the Caribbean where our group of friends learn soft skills such as empathy

Wow! Wow! Rolling Friends, a 26 x 11 mins for three to six-year-olds is from Korea’s Flying Pig. The series is set in a magical world where everything is made out of bricks. Everyday problems are solved by creativity and constructing something which helps solve the problem. This series has been sold to Discovery MENA.

Wackyland Monsterland, 26 x 11 mins, for six to 11-year-olds, was commissioned by Nickelodeon Latin America. Produced by Brazil’s 44 Toons, the series main character, Otto, must try to find a way of living a normal-ish life in Wackyland, which can change randomly into Monsterland, and vice versa.

Monster will also be searching for pre-sales to close out the financing for Farmer Mo, 26 x 7 mins for three to six-year olds, which has already been pre-sold to YLE and SVT. This is the next series from Ireland’s Wiggleywoo, the producers of The Day Henry Met…..which Monster has sold in 178 countries. Ceska Televize is the latest broadcaster to pick up all four seasons of Henry and De Agostini in Italy have joined the growing international publishing programme.


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