Holy Cow launches a ‘The Last Asura’ at Delhi Comic Con 2019

Holy Cow Entertainment launched a new comic titled ‘The Last Asuran’ at the 2019 Delhi Comic-Con. Targeted towards teen adults, The Last Asuran basically tells the story of an MMA fighter Desh who also happens to be the last remaining Asura of the royal lineage. This book also pits him up against vampires thereby telling us the result of the age-old rivalry. Spinning out of the pages of the national bestselling Aghori series, Holy Cow Entertainment proudly brings to life the story of Desh.

The official synopsis of the comic reads as under:

A ruthless politician who will stop at nothing. A gangster on the brink of seizing Mumbai. His loyal henchman, an indestructible fighter with nothing to lose. A sleepy small town guarding sinister secrets.

There will be a reckoning. Blood will be spilt. Worlds will be changed.

But this is not the older, wiser Desh who stood up for justice alongside Vira. This is a young, brash, cocky Desh full of jaw-breaking, bone-snapping power! When Uncle Monty, his mentor, father figure, and a gangster so close to conquering Mumbai he can taste it, asks him to take a break from beating up competition in underground MMA rings to ride to UP and retrieve a briefcase, Desh is happy to oblige.

What Desh doesn’t know is that the briefcase is going to Banapur, a small town home to a local politician named Raja Saab, who plans to use the contents inside to show the world a whole new definition of the word power.

What Desh doesn’t know could kill him.

The comic tells a coming of age story about an Asura in contemporary times and how he discovers his true lineage and his place in modern India who is suddenly seeing a surge in metahumans. Talking about the different storyline, Holy Cow CEO Vivek Goel said, “It’s something which has not been done till date and also adds a very important piece to the ever-growing HCverse.”

The publishing house has sold about 200 copies of the 76 paged The Last Asuran in just one month which Goel finds very good looking at the Indian standards. Readers are loving the one-shot compilation of the book. Goel thinks that this can also be an indication that Indian readers do not care about single issues, they want complete stories in one go!

Goel added, “What we are witnessing here is a wonderful time and the brand new surge of the new breed of comic book readers who are well versed in western comics. They are smart, quality conscious and know exactly what they want, which is exactly what we need to keep raising the bar of quality in our comics!”

Written by Ram V (Justice League Dark, Catwoman) and drawn by Goel (Ravanayan) and Gaurav Shrivastav (Shaitan), The Last Asuran is available for readers on the official website of Holy Cow at a discounted price and also on Amazon.

Holy Cow will be bringing the first-ever mega-crossover event called Operation Decay which is spread amongst five volumes containing more than 80 pages each. It brings along Shaitan Singh, Caster, Desh, Dehek and Viridian under one volume for the first time. Operation Decay kickstarts in April.


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