Stereopsia– The World Immersion Forum – Brussels 11-13 December


Stereopsia is an international event dedicated to immersion. Also called the “World Immersion Forum”, it focuses on virtual, augmented and mixed reality, as well as 3D cinema and sound

The 9th edition of Stereopsia will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 11-13 Dec 2017. During these three days, participants will have a chance to attendscientific and professional conferences, a two-days training session, a booster session for VR projects,and a glitzy awards dinner organized in collaboration with the VR Society of Hollywood.

One of the crucial parts of the event is the Professional Conference (PCON), whichoffers a series of short, high-pace presentations by world experts on emerging topics in Virtual &Mixed Reality, and 3D cinema.It encompasses the full spectrumof 3D, from science and technology, through art and content, to business. Many presentations feature stereoscopic-3D video (projected on a large screen) and/or immersive spatial-3D audio. The speakers will talk about the latest concepts in 3D immersion in a very succinct and straightforward way for all.

Another spectacular part of the Stereopsia is its 3D Academy, a completely unique and innovative training session on the topic of Mixed Reality (MR) content, using Microsoft HoloLens headset and Unity software. This exclusive training session is aimed at artists & business people, scientists, engineers, computer scientists, technicians and anyone wishing to produce his/her own Mixed Realitycontents. 3D Academy participants will discover the wonderful world ofMixed Reality, halfway between the real and virtual world. Moreover, at the end of the program they willcreate theirown application with the Unity Engine.

On 13 December 2017, the World Immersion Forum will come to an end with aprestigious Awards dinner where the famous Lumiere Awards will be handed out to the best 3D and 3DVR productions in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa. These statuettes previously have beenhanded out to none other than Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee and many more. Rumour has it that Stereopsia’s Awards are now called the“Oscars ofVR and 3D cinema”.


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